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All News Is Old News Once every spring,when the Indian Paintbrushes and pink Fireweed begins to bloom along the walls of the Valley of Flags, The Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper publishes a paper. Compiled from the archives of the original Cariboo Sentinel (published from 1865-75) and from other periodicals, manuscripts and relevant sources, the paper is designed to be a window into that period of our history to which Barkerville and the Cariboo Gold Rush were so important.

The following archive represents the last five years of our efforts in publishing the Cariboo Sentinel II. In it you will find stories, accounts, advertising and the like that will illustrate a very different time. A time that left us only a short while ago.

The Sentinel II also contains reports on what is new in Barkerville and area. Curatorial projects, new ventures, mining activity and features on Wells (a 1930's mining community just a short 8km from Barkerville) and the Bowron Lake Provinical Park (a 116 km protected chain of lakes that is a canoeist's paradise).

Photographs, as one of the more important records of Barkerville's heyday, have always been the 'real gold' to curators, archivists and amateur historians alike. Under the watchful supervision the onsite curator and his staff, Barkerville's Resource Information Centre maintains a large and invaluable collection of photographic plates, negatives &c. in humidity and temperature controlled environments.

Due to the size of the RIC collection and the current limitations of Internet technology, we can only hope to scratch the surface of this impressive resource. Our web-archive presents a brief glimpse of some of the existing work of a few of Barkerville's more prominent photographers; from the enigmatic Louis A. Blanc, who disappeared without a trace after leaving Cariboo and may have been shot to death in Tombstone, Arizona to; C. D. Hoy, a Chinese immigrant who braved substantial odds, from head taxes to language barriers, in becoming one of the founding pioneers of this province.

Photography of Ages

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