Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo


On Saturday last the fourth celebration of the Dominion of Canada was enthusiastically celebrated. The day was bright and warm and the tasteful manner in which the town was decorated rendered the spectacle unusually brilliant. A commodious platform, decorated with evergreens and scarlet bannerets bearing gilt maple leaves, afforded accommodation to the speakers and musicians, together with a number of spectators.

At 10 am precisely the explosion of a torpedo gave notice that the proceedings of the day were about to commence, when Mr. J. H. Todd made a few remarks, and proposed three cheers for the Queen. The National Anthem having been played, Mr. J.S. Thompson proceeded to deliver an address and at its conclusion proposed three cheers for the Dominion. The sports commenced at 11 o'clock, and were continued without intermission till after 7. At noon a royal salute was fired, and during the day a large number of choice musical selections were performed in good style by the band. A performance by the Amateurs and a general illumination wound up the proceedings of a day which will long be remembered with pleasure.

Cariboo Sentinel Saturday July 8, 1871

Particulars of the Dominion Day Celebration Fund 1871:

Cash Account


To Subscriptions in full, $546.75
Entrance money, $73
Share of Expense of Repairing Streets, paid by 4th July Com., $20

Total $639.75

To balance of Cash remaining on
hand, $114.25


By Prizes $310
Cost of Repairing Street, $55
Cohen & Hoffman's Bill, $6
Hudson Bay Co.'s, $2
Strouss', $2.87
Hough's, $44
Musicians, $40
De Nouvion & Kurtz, $18.63
Printing, $39.5
Gunpowder, $2.5
Siwash - gathering Maple leaves, $5
Total $639.75

To balance of cash remaining on
hand, 114.25

W. POWELL, Treasurer
J. S. THOMPSON, Secretary


The Fourth of July Committee make the
following Report:


Am't received from Barkerville, $548.50
Am't received from Richfield, $77.5
Am't received from Van Winkle, $73
Entrance Fees, $67

Total $767


Printing, $32
Music, $40
Building Stand, $15
Repairing Street, $20
Fireworks and Freight, $217.75
Torpedoes and Incidental Expenses,$68.5
Cash paid for Prizes, $298
Balance paid to Hospital, $75.75

Total $767

JOHN ADAIR, Chairman.
J. WICKHAM, Secretary and Treasurer

The Committee beg to tender their thanks
to Mr. J. Wickham for the attention he gave
to the duties of Secretary and Treasurer.

JOHN ADAIR. For the -
D. KURTZ. Committee

July 9, 1870

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